There is a reason our Wholesale Floors company logo is Green……It is to remind each and every one of us that in the daily course of business there exists few opportunities to provide future generations with a better opportunity than the present. We are committed to protecting the environment and the communities we reside in. We realize you can’t be committed to protecting the environment unless you are; up to date on current industry related environmental issues, offer products that are better for the environment whether it be by using fewer natural resources in the manufacturing process or by utilizing environmentally friendly adhesives not to mention offering services like reclamation and maintenance that over time divert waste from local landfills.

We will help you find your way through flooring industries environmental landscape with a laser like focus on reducing our impact on the environment throughout every step of the “Whole Sale”.

Carpet Reclamation Calculator

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NOTE: This information is based on original life cycle analysis work performed by DuPont combined with general experience and knowledge gained through experience in handling used carpet. When this formula was originally established, the average weight of carpet was 4.5 pounds per square yard and one cubic yard of space was made up of 45 square yards of carpet. Carpet now weighs 4.2 pounds per square yard so the cubic yard of space has been updated based on the lower weight of carpet.
An average pile of mixed used commercial broadloom carpet weighs about 4.2 pounds per square yard and takes up approximately 0.93 cubic yards of space for every 42 square yards of carpet installed.
About one half (1/2) the weight of used carpet is plastic face fiber versus backing material, adhesives and dirt.
The average US homes used 179,893,777 BTU´s per year.