Project Management

Perhaps one of the most important functions Wholesale Floors offers its clients is complete Project Management. Some would say your job is done after the sale but at Wholesale Floors we consider Project Management one of the key ingredients to our continued customer satisfaction. Our success can be contributed to careful planning and frequent communication with the client. We are of the opinion that project management is critical, and allows us to constantly identify and correct potential issues during the course of a flooring project before they become a problem. Our staff takes great pride in delivering customers a positive experience when completing their project. By “keeping our eye on the ball” throughout every phase of a project monitoring items such as, but not limited to; Material Tracking, Job Site Deliveries, Scheduling, Job Site Safety, Timely Document Execution, and Quality Control we are able to complete your project on time and on budget with minimal disruption to you or your client.

Project Management…’ just another service we offer our clients throughout the “Whole Sale” so give us a call today!