Reclamation & Recycling

Wholesale Floors takes our commitment to environment seriously, DO YOU? We care about future generations and this is why we are committed to offering complete flooring recycling and carpet reclamation services to you and your clients. It’s just another way we service your flooring needs throughout the “Whole Sale” not to mention, it’s the right thing to do!

As a member of Starnet our One-Stop Starnet® Recycling Program is a completely environmentally friendly service. It is LEED compliant and can be used for LEED accreditation and also works within the green initiatives set forth by the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). We work with regional and national firms to divert these materials from the waste stream and because we work right here in your neighborhood, we are also up to speed on all local compliance and federal mandates, so you never have to worry about anything getting overlooked. So let us help you alleviate the hassles that can be associated with environmentally responsible disposal of your old floor.

Wholesale Floors…….We take care of the entire process – from removal and shipping to compliance and certification – So stop worrying about what you’re going to do with your old floor and give us a call today!

Carpet Reclamation Calculator

Enter # of square yards reclaimed :
NOTE: This information is based on original life cycle analysis work performed by DuPont combined with general experience and knowledge gained through experience in handling used carpet. When this formula was originally established, the average weight of carpet was 4.5 pounds per square yard and one cubic yard of space was made up of 45 square yards of carpet. Carpet now weighs 4.2 pounds per square yard so the cubic yard of space has been updated based on the lower weight of carpet.
An average pile of mixed used commercial broadloom carpet weighs about 4.2 pounds per square yard and takes up approximately 0.93 cubic yards of space for every 42 square yards of carpet installed.
About one half (1/2) the weight of used carpet is plastic face fiber versus backing material, adhesives and dirt.
The average US homes used 179,893,777 BTU´s per year.